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You Could Save Up To 70% On Your Energy Bills.

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Why Get Solar Panels?

With energy prices due to increase again in March 2022, our benefits include:

  • Receiving a Free Solar Battery to Store Energy
  • Earning Incentives From The New Grid Trade Scheme
  • No Upfront Cost - 100% Finance Available
  • Save up to 70% on your Energy Bills
  • Own 100% of the System
  • Save Money from Day One

We helped 10,190 homeowners save an average of 63% on their monthly bills last year and save an average of £13,892.

We Can Help You
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It’s Easy!


If our approved partner in your area has availability in your postcode with our quick online check.

Home Survey

Get a free no-obligation survey to find out how much money your property could save.


Once you have completed the application, a date will be arranged to install your solar panel system.

Solar Panel Criteria

Let’s find out if you and your property are suitable:

There are options available to have a new solar panel system installed with zero deposit:

  • You must be a UK homeowner
  • Have a suitable unshaded roof
  • You must be aged between 18-70
  • Have an annual household income over £15,000
  • Not be on a debt management plan
  • Spend over £35 per month on electricity


Look at what some of our recently checked homeowners had to say:

We used this checker to find out a bit more information about the scheme, the girl on the phone was lovely! all was explained how it worked and answered all my questions. The system was installed 17 days later - very happy with the low bills we are now getting

Mrs A Leves
Mrs A Leves The Wirral

Always wanted to “go green” as they say! This scheme with no outlay attracted me, checked out the rent-a-roof scheme also, but wanted to own the system which this enabled me too. Highly recommend

Mr P Groves
Mr P Groves Sheffield

My new solar panel system is saving me over £30pm on my bills so far and I am now receiving free electrcity at night time from the solar battery. Very happy

Mrs F Finch
Mrs F Finch Northumberland